Internet advertising

IT Media offers targeted advertising campaigns on all possible internet platforms.

We offer placement of contextual advertising on the most popular platforms: Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, as well as monitoring of results.

The advertisement is displayed on the websites that match your offer on content and topics. That is, the product and the service are advertised exactly where they are demanded, so the attitude towards that advertising is much more loyal. Contextual advertising is perceived by people as additional information and does not annoy.

Banner advertising is your company's offer in the form of a picture or animation. A banner is posted on the websites that provide a platform for advertising and have a large number of visits. At your request, your website can be included in the banner exchange network. Thanks to that, your ads will appear on many other websites in return for other banners being posted on your website.
Placement of the ads in the search results list based on searches. As a result, the advertisement becomes available to the target audience that is interested in a certain service or product.
In addition to the targeting by search queries, targeting can be done by the location of the customer. That makes the ad available to the audience who are close to you geographically.

We offer additional advertising opportunities for online stores – the introduction of the product in search results with the ability to immediate purchase (Google Shopping).
We offer all types of promotions on social media.
Promotion on social media can be targeted to the greatest extent possible. Targeting is possible by gender, age, profession, preferences, geography and a lot of other parameters.

The advantage of advertising on social media is the possibility of being in touch with people who are interested in the product or service, which increases the likelihood of sales.
Video-advertising campaigns on YouTube can be introduced in the following ways:
  • Promotion of video (video commercials, music video) posted on your page, those display to the target audience based on the search history of the latter.
  • Placement of commercials during the playback of other videos
At your request, we can provide shooting and montage (editing) of the video as well.
Periodic or one-time information sharing through
  • E-mail addresses
  • SMS

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